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Published on: 24.02.2023

Media Cymru x USW: Culture Change Conference

Event Date: 28.03.2023

Time: 1:00pm - 7:00pm , 9:00am - 5:00pm

Location: The University of South Wales, Cardiff Campus, Adam Street, Cardiff, CF24 2FN

About the event

Join us this March for an exciting two-day conference exploring innovative approaches to improving screen sector ways of working in Wales.

We have a packed programme bringing together industry, academics, and training providers to discuss current best practices and the possibilities for future innovation.

During the conference, the team will be launching the key findings of the University of South Wales’ first Wales Screen Workforce Survey, which will provide a chance to celebrate sector successes but also what we can, and should be doing better.

This event is organised by the University of South Wales as part of their Skills and Training Media Cymru project.

Day 1: 28 March, 1pm - 7pm

We are excited to be launching the key findings of the University of South Wales’ first Wales Screen Workforce Survey, which have provided a chance to share not only what is working, but also what we can, and should be doing, better.

Our survey has revealed how little freelancers and employees in the sector know about what training opportunities are out there, how to access them and the funds available.

Day 1 Schedule:

Lunch & Networking

Opening Remarks
Llinos Griffin-Williams, Chief Content Officer (S4C)

Wales Screen Workforce Survey Results
Dr Helen Davies, Research Fellow (USW)

Panel: Building a Healthy Workplace
Gareth Ellis-Unwin (ScreenSkills), Michelle White (6ft From The Spotlight) Sarah McCaffrey (Solas Mind)

Keynote: Being the CEO of your Freelance Career
Alison Grade, Author of The Freelance Bible (Mission Accomplished)

Skills and Funding Showcase

Networking, buffet & refreshments


Day 2: 29 March, 9am - 5pm

We invite you to join us for a series of wide-ranging panels highlighting innovative good practice and future pathways to progress.

The panels will cover: flexible working, addressing harassment and bullying, sustainability, organisations prioritising wellbeing over economic growth and making the sector more inclusive.

Day 2 Schedule:

Welcome from Dawn Bowden MS  Introduced by Gerwyn Evans, Deputy Director (Creative Wales) 

Keynote: Thriving Workplaces – how to put diversity and inclusion into everything you do  Mel Rodrigues (Gritty Talent) 

Panel: Normalising Inclusion Dan McGowan (Hijinx), Justin Melluish (Hidden/Craith), Hannah Thomas (Severn Screen) 

Panel: Detoxifying the Industry – how to set the speed limit Alexandra Roach (Actor and Founder of We Are Resting), Delyth Thomas (Director and Co-Founder of Call It!), Sophie Freeman (TV and Film Charity & Whole Picture Toolkit), Laolu Alatise (Media Cymru) 

Workshop: Hijinx ReFocus 

Panel: Flexible Working  Michelle Reynolds (Share My Telly Job), Nora Ostler Spiteri (Triongl), Dr Rowan Aust (Huddersfield University/Share My Telly Job) 

Panel: Top-Down Approaches to Initiating Change  Ceri Davies (Bomper), Charlotte Riley (The WonderWorks), Sam Chow (The WonderWorks) 

Panel: Green Shoots – A Panel on Sustainable Production Tilly Ashton (Severn Screen), Steve Smith (Screen New Deal/BAFTA albert), Nida Harwood (Green Wing/Little Bird), Ellie Ashton (Production Sustainability Advisor)