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Hello, we're Media Cymru.

A collaboration to turn Cardiff Capital Region into a global hub for media innovation with a focus on green and fair economic growth.

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Media Cymru is for, and about, Wales with the core of our work focusing on Cardiff Capital Region. We are a driving force for sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the Welsh media sector.

Cardiff and the surrounding region has already situated itself as a major player in the global media industry. We believe in Wales’ potential to further shape the industry through greater funding, training and opportunities for innovation.

Media Cymru is funded through £22m from UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) flagship Strength in Places Fund, £3m from Cardiff Capital Region, £1m from Welsh Government, through Creative Wales, and £23m match funding from industry and university partners. A Consortium of 22 partner organisations all with one aim.

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Our vision

To make Wales a green, fair and economically sustainable hub for media production and innovation, where Research and Development (R&D) is embedded into its thriving media sector.

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Our team

Meet the Media Cymru team. As a team we unite people towards a common goal to grow the sector. We build on each other's strengths to shape the industry.

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22 partner organisations based across the Cardiff Capital Region make up the Media Cymru Consortium. Together, we deliver projects across the media sector.

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