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Research Ethics Framework.

Media Cymru adheres to the highest possible standards when it comes to research ethics. We have some fundamental values that guide our procedures, directly aligned with the main objectives of Media Cymru to provide innovative solutions to drive fair and green economic growth and to develop a global media hub within the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR). We will build our research on the following ethical values that inform and shape all our research and data-gathering activities.

Media Cymru’s ethical values

  1. People-centred research: we will pay particular attention to a person’s rights and dignity, ensuring that the research benefits them individually or collectively and minimising all possible risks and harm. We commit to keeping participants informed of our processes throughout and reminding them of the voluntary participation in research, to ensure that the integrity of the person is preserved.
  2. Championing transparent research outcomes: we expect all our research to be available to as large an audience as possible, through Open Access publications, working papers, reports and policy recommendations, to nurture a social discussion on these matters. In cases where there could be restrictions on the information made available to the public (e.g. private interests, industrial secrets, personal details), it will be properly safeguarded. Disclosure of conflicts of interest will also be made.
  3. Promoting inclusive research practices: Research should seek to reach all individuals of society (see also point 2), ensure ample participation from diverse backgrounds and be made as widely available as possible. This includes a commitment to the use and availability of Welsh language within all aspects of our research processes and outputs. Furthermore, we support the research of our partners that aims to create a fair, equal and diverse sector.
  4. Embracing research sustainability: All research processes are mindful of the environmental impact they imply and would seek to minimise it by committing to green practices and undertaking research with our partners that significantly reduces the negative environmental impact of the creative industries.

Fostering best-practices for research and development (R&D) projects funded through Media Cymru

Our commitment to high ethical standards also seeks to inform, foster and support the R&D activities planned and developed by our Consortium partners and funded projects. We endeavour to provide the required support and advice to ensure that all research projects within our Consortium observe the same ethical tenets we adhere to for our research projects.

Research outcomes and outputs

To achieve our goals , Media Cymru commits to undertaking theoretical and applied research to inform public policy development, foster industry-based developments and create new knowledge.

The research conducted is intended to be developed together with industry partners to promote a research, development and innovation (RD&I) strategy that allows for informed decision-making and the exploration of new and unique ways to approach contemporary challenges within the creative industries.

The research process has a variety of intended target audiences:

  1. Consortium and industry partners, as well as project developers who would benefit from up-to-date academic knowledge on their field, as well as from collaboration and skill development in the research process.
  2. Public and governmental institutions that will benefit from policy and regulatory recommendations that would foster innovation, creativity and environmentally conscious production practices.
  3. Potential creators, entrepreneurs, and young graduates who would find opportunities, possibilities, and motivations to remain in the CCR to develop their ideas, find employment and continue their innovative prospects.
  4. Academics in the areas of innovation, media production, creative arts, culture, and arts distribution who would learn from the collected experiences, models and innovations discovered by the engagement with industry partners.

Our research ethics framework aligns with, and is informed by, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) policy and all Higher Education institutions collaborating on Media Cymru.

Cardiff University
Cardiff Metropolitan University
University of South Wales


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Cardiff University Research Ethics

USW Research Integrity 

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We can also provide you with a variety of research document templates.

This includes:

  • Consent Forms
  • Participant Information Sheets
  • Guidelines on using online surveys
  • Standard Operation Procedure for recording interviews.

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Further information

If you require any further information concerning our ethical framework, if you have any concerns regarding ethical reviews or if you need support to assess ethical issues that may arise in your R&D project, please contact our Senior Research Fellow, Professor Marlen Komorowski:, or the Media Cymru team: