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Our vision.

We believe in Wales’ potential to shape its media industry. Locally, nationally, and globally.

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Making Wales a green, fair, global and economically sustainable hub for media production and innovation-where research and development (R&D) is embedded in the media sector.

Our vision

The creative economy has become a cornerstone to the Welsh economy. More than 15% of businesses in Cardiff are now in the creative industries and in recent years, the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) has grown to be the UK's third largest producer of film and TV, accounting for one in eight of all new UK jobs in Film and TV.

In Wales, cynefin means a ‘sense of place’ encapsulating history, identity, landscape and street life. We see Media Cymru as defining a new cynefin where economic activity creates both jobs and a sense of identity, offering the promise of more environmental sustainability, global reach, equality, diversity and inclusion and sustainable economic growth.

We’ll achieve this vision by:

We build on each other’s strengths and shape the industry as a collective. To achieve our vision for Wales — we must collaborate.

We encourage talented people to keep creating. We support the development of their ideas and businesses, enabling them to grow.

We identify areas of potential, thinking differently to tackle challenges. Without diverse voices, equal opportunity, sustainable initiatives, and bilingual production, the media sector can’t thrive.

We drive, and encourage, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. We realise the creative visions of today to create opportunities for tomorrow.

We work together locally to become a hub for media innovation globally.


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Explore the projects led by our Consortium. Our work covers four themes: green, fair, global and growth and addresses areas including technology, innovation spaces and future skills.

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Our team

Meet the Media Cymru team. As a team we unite people towards a common goal to grow the sector. We build on each other’s strengths to shape the industry.  

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23 partner organisations based across the Cardiff Capital Region make up the Media Cymru Consortium. Together, we deliver projects across the media sector.

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