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Skills and Training 

Skills programme linking education with industry and infrastructure designed to build a sustainable and innovative talent base.

What is Skills and Training?

University of South Wales will develop and co-deliver an innovative skills programme linking education, industry and infrastructure to build a sustainable talent base for the region’s screen sector.

Upcoming skills and training opportunities:

How to be a Greenlancer

While eco-anxiety continues to evolve along with the effects of climate change, it’s never been a more important time for freelancers to adopt and incorporate sustainable practices in their everyday lives. Running a greener freelance business also means tackling those personal emission hotspots such as Transport and Energy, Materials, Food and Waste and one of the valuable takeaways from the session will be to give you a better understanding of your carbon footprint and how you can reduce it.

Delivered by Picture Zero, HOW TO BE A GREENLANCER is an engaging, straightforward guide on how you can be more environmentally focussed and finance-savvy on a very personal level.  And even grow your business, worth and network by differentiating yourself and attracting employers who also value sustainability.

It takes place on various Wednesdays in winter and spring 2024.

Apply to How to be a Greenlancer…

The Reset Programme for Working Parents

From Another logoWe know parents in the screen sector face many challenges and we have partnered with From Another to bring you the knowledge and tools you need to find the solutions that are right for you.

From Another are experts in working parenthood and new ways of working. Using the very latest data from conversations with hundreds of parents, managers and leaders, they delve into the concepts that they know will make a difference. The RESET fills your kitbag with everything you need to chart the right direction for you, your family, and your job.

This training is provided free of charge to participants.

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Media Cymru Freelancer Development Fund

Applications now open

Screen sector freelancers based in Wales can now apply for financial assistance to access training opportunities relevant to personal career development. The Media Cymru Skills and Training project, delivered by University of South Wales, is offering up to a total of £1,500 per person to cover for loss-of-earnings while undertaking training. 

Find out more and register your interest

Media Cymru Freelance Focus

Media Cymru and USW’s Freelance Focus research is an ongoing, long-term study of freelance careers in the screen sector in Wales. The information you provide will help shape USW and Media Cymru’s skills and training output, and further our understanding of freelance careers in the Welsh screen sector. 

Wales Screen Workforce Survey

In late 2022, the team at University of South Wales carried out the Wales Screen Workforce Survey – the first Wales-wide survey to assess the skills, training needs, attitudes and experience of those working across the screen sector. These findings were shared at the Culture Change Conference in March 2023 and the publication will be released later this year.