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Published on: 31.07.2023

Development Fund now open – Media innovators in Wales can apply for R&D funding of up to £50,000

We have launched a new funding call for creatives in Wales to research and develop (R&D) innovation-driven projects in the media sector. 

The purpose of the fund is to create tangible products, services or experiences in the media sector which will directly create economic impact. 

Part of the Innovation Pipeline – a series of training and funding opportunities – the Development Fund is open to established Wales-based individuals and companies with experience and sound understanding of research, development and innovation (RD&I).

Lee Walters, Senior R&D Producer and Funding Manager, said: “Our work to date has demonstrated that the media sector in the Cardiff Capital Region, and Wales, is vibrant and full of new ideas and talent. This first round of Media Cymru Development Funding is aimed at creative thinkers in the media sector who are keen to research and develop (R&D) new products, services and experiences. 

“We are very much looking forward to working with successful applicants on ambitious projects that showcase the innovative and economic power of the industry.”   

We are seeking projects with a particular focus on immersive tech, including virtual production, immersive storytelling, and extended reality technologies (augmented, virtual and mixed reality).

Projects that concentrate on tools that support environmentally sustainable media production, distribution and consumption or those with a keen interest in bilingual and multilingual production are encouraged to apply.

Businesses and individuals working on placemaking and tourism related content, or with ideas for developing tools to improve production processes are suitable for the fund as are projects in gaming. We are also interested in hearing from those developing tools that encourage new and inclusive business models within the media sector.

The Development Fund has received support from Welsh Government via Creative Wales. 

Dawn Bowden, Deputy Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, said: “The future of the creative industries will be determined by today’s research, development and understanding of the huge potential that lies in this sector, and so I am delighted that Welsh Government is investing in this round of Media Cymru’s Innovation Pipeline. 

It’s through collaborative working like this that we can uncover talent, fund ideas and give creatives the platform they need to make a long-term positive impact. 

If you would like to speak to a member of staff about your eligibility for the Development Fund or have any questions, you can book an online 121 by emailing 

This round of Media Cymru funding follows seed funding awarded to 18 projects in March and is the first opportunity to apply for up to £50,000 as part of the Innovation Pipeline. Previously funded Media Cymru Seed Projects can apply for Development Funding to further develop their existing idea. 

Apply for Development Funding or find out more about Innovation Pipeline opportunities.