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Published on: 05.07.2023

Sony Camera Masterclass

Event Date: 11.07.2023

Time: 12.30pm, 3pm and 5pm

Location: BBC Central Square

Delivering at speed without sacrificing quality for Documentary and News. An expert tour of FX3, FX6 and Z280 and the new tools to make your job easier. 

Join the Media Cymru Innovation Spaces team for a guided tour of the latest camera technology from Sony, helping you choose the right tools for the job. 

They will explain the latest tools to documentary / news / journalism crews, including which cameras are best suited for different applications and how sensor size, lens choice, and new developments, such as auto-focus and cloud-based workflows, can help you optimise the way you work. 

FX3, FX6 and PXW-Z280 cameras will be available to illustrate the tour. 

Three separate 90 minutes sessions have been scheduled and each session will include the same content, so please sign-up for one only.