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Published on: 20.05.2024

Greening the Screen: Ffilm Cymru Wales x Media Cymru Development Fund launches

Making Wales a leader in environmentally sustainable Film and TV production. 

Media Cymru and Ffilm Cymru Wales are launching a new Development Fund which aims to turn the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) into a hub for sustainable media production.  

The Greening the Screen Development Fund is designed and delivered by Ffilm Cymru Wales and Media Cymru.  The competition will invest up to £50,000 in projects for eligible businesses to develop innovative ways to make the Welsh TV and film sector more environmentally sustainable. 

Informed by BAFTA albert’s Screen New Deal Transformation Plan for Wales, eligible projects must demonstrate how they will reduce the adverse impact the sector has on the environment. BAFTA albert’s Screen New Deal focuses on delivering a zero-carbon and zero-waste future through key impact areas: 

  • Shifting to renewable energy.  
  • Rethinking transport. 
  • A circular way of reducing material and food waste. 
  • Information gathering and collaboration such as sharing expertise, technical insights, production planning and reporting across the supply chain. 
  • Insetting and offsetting business models. 
  • Support to green suppliers 

Reducing the carbon footprint of screen sector “absolutely essential”  

Cardiff Capital region’s screen sector has enjoyed considerable growth over the last decade, creating a raft of successful media productions for international audiences (Doctor Who, Sherlock, A Discovery of Witches, His Dark Materials, Sex Education, Hinterland, Dream Horse, Kensuke’s Kingdom, Timestalker).  

While this success has created momentum and heightened ambition within the industry, research has highlighted that while film and television production have a series of benefits for the local economy and GDP, there are significant challenges to counter.  

  • The average big budget feature film production generates nearly 3,000 tonnes of carbon – as much as a diesel car driven around the world 300 times 
  • Diesel power was used in 91% of generators on set in Wales last year 
  • Renewable energy is used by only 14% of productions filmed in UK studios 
  • Road travel accounted for 80% of transport emissions for productions filmed in Wales 
  • 25% of the wood used in set building across Wales was recycled last year 
  • 94% of food emissions come from meat-based meals in Welsh productions

Accelerated by innovative approaches to technology following the pandemic, the sector in Wales is showing promise for reducing the carbon footprint of the industry and efforts to change the way productions approach their practice are gathering pace.  

By utilising advanced media production technologies such as virtual production studios, and new processes, as well as experimental VR and XR tech to reduce the need to travel to locations and produce multiple props (and waste), production companies are playing their role in boosting their waste diversion rate and making sure products and materials don’t end up in landfill. 

A blueprint for a greener future: Wales aims to accelerate net-zero 2050 goal 

Now, thanks to Ffilm Cymru Wales and Media Cymru as well as guidance on reducing emissions and boosting the sustainability of their projects, the Greening the Screen Development Fund seeks to underpin a wider commitment in Wales’ screen sector to become a blueprint for other nations and regions within the UK. 

For this funding round, Ffilm Cymru and Media Cymru are particularly interested in Sustainable solutions to the challenges of net zero and the decarbonisation of the screen sector, particularly those that respond to the findings of the recent Screen New Deal Transformation Plan for Wales. 

The Greening The Screen Development Fund application page is set to go live on the Media Cymru site on 20th May 2024, closing on 28th June 2024.  

Find out more about the Greening the Screen Development Fund and all Ts and Cs  

Prof Justin Lewis, Director of Media Cymru and Professor of Communication and Creative Industries at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Culture said:  

“BAFTA albert’s Screen New Deal gave us a blueprint for moving the Welsh TV and film sector towards environmentally sustainability. But progress to date has been much too gradual and painfully slow. The Greening the Screen fund aims to create a step change, using innovative approaches to help the sector make significant reductions in its carbon footprint in the next five years. I’m looking forward to working with the innovators in the sector and across the supply chain to make Wales a model for greening screen production.”

Sustainability Manager for Ffilm Cymru Wales, Louise Dixey, added:

“The Screen New Deal: Transformation Plan for Wales identifies priority areas for the sector to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize waste. We are looking for innovative solutions to support implementation of the Transformation Plan and collaborative industry projects that will catalyse change….”