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News for All

Research, development and testing of innovative forms of news and information formats.

What is the News for All project? 

In partnership with BBC Cymru Wales, the News for All project will research, develop, test, and trial innovative forms for informational content to create new formats for journalism and information provision.

The aim is to create content which is more effective in meeting audience needs – particularly those audiences that currently don’t use or engage with public interest news outlets – and enhance public understanding.

Project coverage

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A diverse group of people seated in a circle talk in a hall

BBC News Labs: Shifting power in research methods

The Design Research team in BBC Research & Development have been investigating what a power shift in research methods might mean when discussing the future of journalism.

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News for All

Hiraeth Podcast: Is it Good or Bad News for Wales?

It has been an eventful year in Wales, the UK, and further afield and we all rely on journalists, newsgathering teams, and publishers to create and share news with us. But how healthy is the industry? Shirish Kulkarni joins Gwenfair Griffith on the Hiraeth podcast to discuss.

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The first group session that took place in 2023. Picture courtesy News for All News for All explores how journalism can fix its trust issues

The News for All project - a partnership between Media Cymru, BBC News and BBC Research & Development - is exploring how journalism can better meet the needs of people who do not currently get or see value from journalism.

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Someone holding a smartphone to read the news on it. BBC and Radio 4 logos overlaid.

BBC Radio 4: How to Read the News

A five-part series revisiting news stories from a year ago to forensically examine how the news is made, and how our perception of the facts can be shaped by those presenting them.

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People standing around chatting at the News for All workshop.

Shirish Kukarni Latest Insights

Latest insights from the personal website of project lead Shirish Kulkarni, including regular News for All week notes.

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