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Published on: April 15, 2024

Ecosystems and partnerships: Enabling factors for Data Driven Innovation (DDI) in the Creative Industries

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Authors: Jones, C., Paneels, I., Parkinson, C., & Komorowski, M. (2024)

Published:  15 April 2024

Publication type: Chapter in M. Terras (Ed.), Creative Data Catalysts: Encouraging Innovation Through Technology in the Creative Industries Routledge.

This chapter discusses how networks and ecosystems enable different forms of innovation through partnership networks in the creative industries. Case studies from Edinburgh and the South East Scotland region and South Wales and Wales demonstrate how online and in-person ecosystems can be enabled and how strategic partnerships can support innovation to develop Data Driven Innovation (DDI) in the creative industries. The chapter analyses what impact small industry focussed research and development grants can have on ecosystems and what barriers are observed. It reflects on the effect of strategic decision and policymaking in relation to grassroots development and conversely how emerging R&D can inform policy.


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