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Published on: January 23, 2023

Cardiff Capital Region’s focus on Media Cymru

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In 2022, Media Cymru was featured in a series of articles from the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR). Members of the Media Cymru Delivery Team were interviewed about their ambitions for the five-year collaboration and the impact it could have in the region.

Professor Justin Lewis, Director, shared his belief that Media Cymru is the chance to build a very different type of creative economy to anywhere else in the world.

He said: “For me, this is all about creating an ecosystem that allows small to be beautiful on a sustainable level – giving our enterprises the gift of time to research, develop and innovate, rather than scrabbling from one commission to the next. That’s a key role of Media Cymru: helping our creative businesses by supporting their ideas and helping develop them for the market.”

Read the full interview with Justin to find out what comes next on the journey to becoming a global leader in innovation.

Deputy Director, Professor Sara Pepper OBE, spoke to the Cardiff Capital Region about the 23-partner Consortium which makes Media Cymru so unique.

She said: “Media Cymru has arrived at a moment when ‘collaboration’ is a priceless asset, when the key questions are ‘how can we give different ideas a platform’ and ‘how can we give everyone a voice?’

We are here to address that, and much more – as a collaboration, fusing the energy and creativity from many different perspectives and a wide range of enterprises.

You can read Sara’s thoughts on collaboration in the full interview.

The Cardiff Capital Region’s interview with Lee Walters, Senior Producer and Funding Manager, focused on the Media Cymru Innovation Pipeline which is a series of targeted funding rounds and training opportunities.

He said: “Our aim is to increase the capacity to carry out meaningful research, development and innovation (RD&I) – from early-stage development through to scale up activity – to stimulate and nurture more ideas, greater diversity and sustained growth in all areas of our media industry.”

Find out more about the Innovation Pipeline in Lee’s interview.

Take a look at our current Innovation Pipeline funding opportunities.

Media Cymru’s Impact Analyst and Senior Research Fellow Dr Marlen Komorowski shared her thoughts on bringing together the research excellence and capacity of the region to enable policy makers to make evidence-based decisions.

She said: “The most amazing thing for me about Media Cymru is the fact we are effecting a major re-thinking of Research and Development (R&D) – driving a mindset shift for policy makers, through processes, workflows and experiences that have not traditionally featured in R&D.”

Read about Marlen’s plans for Media Cymru research.