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Published on: April 11, 2023

Media Cymru partner Object Matrix acquired by US company

Earlier this year, Object Matrix announced its acquisition by American company DataCore Software.

Object Matrix, one of Media Cymru’s 23 Consortium partners, is an award-winning object storage pioneer and media archive specialist.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix, said: “This announcement signifies an exciting new stage for Object Matrix, allowing us to extend our reach and product ambitions within DataCore while continuing to develop state-of-the-art on prem, cloud, and hybrid media storage solutions.”

Object Matrix’s Media Cloud Cymru project will provide creatives in Cardiff and the region with an innovative approach to online storage and services to benefit local businesses.

Following the news, we spoke to Jonathan Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix, to find out more about future plans, biggest achievements and the Media Cloud Cymru project.

Tell us a little bit about Object Matrix – who you are and what you do.

Object Matrix started out as a company making a unique storage scalable and secure solution based around object storage. Indeed, Object Matrix was one of the world’s first pioneers in object storage.

Over the years, the solution has been targeted squarely at solving storage requirements in media workflows; problems such as how to handle large media files, how to make media metadata searchable and how to provide a single solution that handles storage from on-premises to cloud and back again, all while creating near zero management overhead.

What is the most exciting thing happening right now at Object Matrix?

During the pandemic, Object Matrix launched and saw a huge uptake on their cloud services. Customers loved being able to use the interfaces that we had developed over many years on premises, but in a cloud environment. Although we are now all back to hybrid working at least, we only see this trend continuing.

People need to be connected to their media data anytime and any place. We therefore, with the help of Media Cymru have launched an ambitious cloud project to not only make the application stack completely cloud native in its architecture but also to ensure that it manages data in every location (whether on-premise, on multiple clouds or on edge devices) without the need to leave a single pane of glass.

What is one of Object Matrix’s biggest achievements?

We could point at any of over 200 clusters of data storage installed at many of the world’s leading media companies, from TV Globo, to BT, to NBC or even our own BBC, but for me, the biggest achievement is doing that against a backdrop of multi-billion funded IT companies while we built a product that was customer-led and focused in its ambitions.

Find out more about the Object Matrix and DataCore partnership in their full press release on Object Matrix’s website.