Published on: May 25, 2023

Watch this space: Creative Innovators Monthly Meetups.

Room full of smiling Seed Fundees


Whether you’re a journalist, a filmmaker, or a freelancer, networking is an essential tool for building your career.

So, how can you build your professional network in the media industry?

The Creative Innovators monthly meet-ups, delivered by the Innovation Spaces team at TownSq and Shwsh, are a great place to start!

They are informal, monthly catchups for professionals in the media and creative industries taking place across South Wales.

Here are just a few reasons why you should attend:

  • Catch ‘em all: Our events are a great opportunity to meet people at different stages of their careers, across different sectors and skillsets and make valuable connections which can lead to new projects.
  • Testing tech: In addition to providing access to new opportunities, our monthly meet ups also help you stay on top of current trends and developments in the media industry, providing you with hands-on access to new technology and expert demonstrations.
  • Develop your personal brand: Connecting with other professionals and sharing your expertise and insights can lead to increased visibility, recognition and credibility, which can lead to new work.
  • Sense of community: Working in the media industry can be isolating at times, especially if you’re freelancing or working on your own. Building a network of peers and mentors who understand the challenges and rewards of the industry can help you stay motivated and inspired.

So don’t be shy – join us for the next Creative Innovators meet!