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Published on: August 22, 2023

Understanding the Role of Creative Networks for Cultural and Creative Industries: The Case of Creative Cardiff

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Authors: Ruxandra Lupu, Marlen Komorowski, Sara Pepper and Justin Lewis

Published: August 22 2023

Publication Type: Chapter

Although the impact of the cultural and creative industries (CCI) in terms of driving innovation and wealth creation has been widely acknowledged, the way they self-organise to create value is still underexplored. There has been growing interest in understanding CCI ‘ecosystems’, ‘spillovers’ and ‘networks’, which has put a renewed focus on different modes of functioning, relationships and patterns in the sector. In this chapter, we focus on creative networks as organisations which are unique to the CCI. We define creative networks as organised networks (sometimes having their own legal entity, sometimes as part of another organisation) that have dedicated people working to support the creative network to create collaboration and/or growth in the local/regional CCI. Such networks are place-based initiatives with the ability to bring people together in real time.


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