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Published on: 21.09.2023

Perifery showcases Object Matrix’s Media Cloud Cymru prototypes at IBC 2023

Perifery stand at IBC 2023

Working remotely is great for many jobs… but how do you pull that off for media editing when it has traditionally required specialist hardware and handling massive amounts of audio and video data? Object Matrix is leading the way in enabling even the most complicated media workflows to be done online via the cloud.

People talking at the Perifery stand at IBC 2023Object Matrix, one of Media Cymru’s 22 Consortium partners, showcased its capabilities at IBC 2023 as part of Perifery’s portfolio of innovative solutions, alongside the hybrid cloud media archive and workflow solution, Swarm.

Media Cymru has supported Object Matrix with R&D funding. Object Matrix’s Media Cloud Cymru project is supported by Media Cymru and will provide creatives in Cardiff and the region with an innovative approach to online storage and services to benefit local businesses. A prototype from the project was shown by Perifery at IBC, the biggest broadcast trade show in Europe.

Object Matrix is a media-focused object storage platform. It was acquired by American company DataCore Software earlier in 2023, later forming part of the Perifery business unit. Object Matrix Vision is a web-based media and metadata management application that puts content in the hands of creative professionals where and when they need it. The announcement of the integration of Object Matrix Vision into Swarm at IBC shows how technology developed in Cardiff is being rolled out for users globally.

Traditionally, media data was stored on computers on-site at media companies. The large file sizes of video assets made working remotely impractical for sophisticated media workflows. Object Matrix’s cloud services connect people to their media data any time and any place. This enables more flexible working, including hybrid and remote collaboration. Over 200 clusters of the Object Matrix data storage technology have been installed at many of the world’s leading media companies.

Object Matrix’s Media Cloud Cymru project will enable fast secure sharing of video between organisations, without needing to move data out of the cloud and back in again. It will also explore the use of 5G transfer of data in and out of the cloud at large events, and the use of AI to help organise and catalogue media databases.